How to make peace

How to make peace


Behind the scenes


The Negotiators, How to make peace is a journey into the many  conflict zones that are currently shaking our  world. It is about creating  pathways to finding  solutions to end them and, above all, it  is a portrait of the people who make conflict resolution possible.

Somewhere in the world there is always a war being waged. Warfare has always  been with us.  Sometimes images of war explode onto our media and consciousness other times it goes under the radar , invisible , ignored , silent.

But among  this vast global scenario of entrenched conflicts, there is a group of people, the neutral intermediaries, who are determined to commit their lives to achieving peace.
At a moment in history when everything seems to be dominated by darkness, The Negotiators, How to make peace want to shine  a ray of light and hope and explain how these conflicts can be resolved.

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